Teaching Kids? ASK NAO

Ask NAO is an interactive, educational and easily implemented tool to engage kids through customized packages of applications for the Special education.

NAO is really fun and interesting, it helps me and everyone else
Lily 7 years old, King's school for girls, Warwick UK



Certification IBCCES

The packaging includes :

  • NAO Evolution Robot
  • Core-aligned applications for either Special Education learning
  • Online Interface for data and program management
  • 1 Year Robot Warranty
  • Exclusive online trainings and tutorials
  • Global community support system


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Owner of Eurisko Consulting Services Limited, UK

"This is technology that we can utilize today, that can have an impact and improve people’s lives today"

Evaluation team facilitator at Moody School, Haverhill, MA

“It’s incredibly exciting, because you can see the power of it on the student’s face"



NAO robot is :

  1. Interactive and fun.
  2. Engaging and captures students' attention.
  3. Adaptive to the needs of the classroom from individuals to groups.

NAO is a great help for teachers that really appreciate eliminating monotenous tasks.

Lecturer at University of Birmingham

"NAO completely changed the opportunities available and the dimension of the school."

Principal of Topcliffe School

"NAO motives, engages, and reaches the children in ways we wouldn't otherwise."


Ask Nao Interface

Cut down on routine paperwork to bring focus back to the child :

  • Accessible to every profile of users
  • Enables student-personalized lessons
  • Progress Tracker: monitor progress through data collection and graph results
  • Facilitates communication within the staff
  • Offers the possibility to create your own quiz

Special Education Teacher, P10X District 75, New York

"The interface has been an incredibly useful tool and has helped organize our time in the classroom with NAO greatly. My students love choosing applications to play, and seeing the visual schedule of apps for the lesson."


Special education

Pack of Applications inspired by commonly practiced special education teaching methods (ABA, PECS, TEACCH, DENVER, SCERTS) to unlock deeper learning in the classroom.

  • Multi-educational: focuses on Educational lessons, Communication skills, daily life knowledge,
  • Structured to make children with disabilities comfortable and confident,
  • Semi-autonomous apps : teachers can focus 100% on child learning,
  • Can be adapted to individual motivators, internal states, and personality to create the perfect match.

Autistic support teacher at Garnet Valley School District, PA

“Many of the students in my room have extensive communication needs, and struggle to interact with peers and teachers. The NAO robots provide them with the perfect opportunity to practice both speaking and listening skills.”

Chat about: District 75

District 75 program integrates NAO as part of their classroom experience to empower special-education students.