The ASK NAO Resources pull together helpful information and resources to begin your journey to take part in a worldwide revolution driving education into the future! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us with questions!

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A teaser about the ASK NAO initiative, this flyer offers viewers a quick idea of what the solution is and the three parts that make it up.
This presentation gives viewers a walk through on Aldebaran Robotics and the ASK NAO initiative. Prefect for those looking to present the initiative to others, this presentation introduces the company and the initiative while breaking down each of the three parts which make up the solution, NAO, the Applications, and the Interface.
Information kit
This kit provides a summary of the ASK NAO initiative (mission, background, and segments) and is a great overview to the solution as a whole. The kit provides viewers information through content.

Apps material

Example of Ask NAO project : touch my head
Touch my Head is a good example of a special education project. In this application, NAO reinforces body awareness and instruction following by asking the child to touch his head, hands or feet tactile sensors. Additional modes within the app practice the concept of abstraction and left-right sides.
Development kit
The AskNao Development kit contains frames for creating applications in sit-down and stand-up robot positions. The templates are compatible with the 2.1 system and have in-file comments to help user navigate easier. Other supportive materials in this kit include the Guidelines of Development and Writing App Documentation.


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